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Sculptures by Phyllis Bone

Bibliography and Acknowledgements

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Thanks are due to the following people for offering their help in the preparation of this information.

  • Mr P.B. Freshwater and Mr J.V. Howard at the University library.
  • Mr G. Sweeney and Miss D. Smith at the Royal Museum of Scotland.
  • Mr D. Lamb at the University Registry.
  • Mr G. Morrison from the Scottish Development Department at Edinburgh Castle.
  • Lady Yonge, Mrs C. Cremer, Dr R. Kille, Mrs D. Hext, Professor A. Manning and Professor J.M. Mitchison, from within the Department of Zoology.
  • Mr Peter Whelpdale for the photo-reproductions of the sculptures of Phyllis Bone.
  • The ex-students of the Department who took the time to write to Michael J. Begg, with their recollections of pre-war University life:
  • A. Rodger Waterston
  • M. Ian Crichton
  • H. MacLean
  • Lesley Cooper
  • E. Betty
  • V. Fletcher
  • J.K.B. Craw
  • R.J. Whittick
  • J.E.N. Sloan.