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Sculptures by Phyllis Bone


Natural History Collections first web-pages

The first web-pages were created in 1997 by Zoology Honours students to show the displays of ungulate, rodent, carnivore and primate specimens they had made for their Honours Projects. These initial web-pages were created with the help of Martin Waterfall who also converted Michael Begg's written accounts of the history of the Collections into web-pages. These pages were maintained by David Baird from 1990-2001.

Natural History Collections web-site and updates

The new web-site launched in October 2001 was created by Elizabeth Baines. The site includes the original, up-dated, web-pages and many new pages created in 2000 and 2001 by Zoology Honours Students with help from David Baird and Elizabeth Baines.

The final pages, illustrating the exhibits in the Aubrey Manning Gallery, were compiled by Richard Matthews (web-page designer), Bernard Matthews (photography) and Patricia Preston (text) in 2006. The site was updated in August 2004 and January 2007 by James Matthews.


  • Homepage: Elizabeth Baines (2001)
  • Brief History: Martin Waterfall (from Michael Begg's text) (1998)
  • Full History: Martin Waterfall (from Michael Begg's text)(1998)
  • Robert Jameson's Instructions: Martin Waterfall/Patricia M. Preston (1998/2001)
  • Phyllis Bone's Sculptures: Martin Waterfall (from Michael Begg's text)(1998/2001)
  • Endangered Species and Conservation: Elizabeth Baines/Patricia M. Preston (2001)
  • Tree of Life: Ben Phillips (2000)
  • Collections: Elizabeth Baines (2001)
  • Invertebrate Animals: Elizabeth Baines (2001)
  • Butterflies: Daniel Fitton (2000)
  • Ticks: Richard Matthews (2001)
  • Vertebrate Animals: Elizabeth Baines (2001)
  • Reptiles: Lara Slazenger (2001)
  • Birds: Martyn Holder (2000)
  • Introduction to Mammals: Elizabeth Baines (2001)
  • Monotremes: Graeme Cheyne (2000)
  • Marsupials: Graeme Cheyne (2000); Helen Dennis (2001)
  • Introduction to Placental Mammals: Elizabeth Baines
  • Insectivores: Ben Phillips (2000)
  • Bats: Caroline Campbell (2001)
  • Ungulates: Steven Ferguson (1997)
  • Rodents: Paul Storrar (1997)
  • Carnivores: Martha Devine (1997)
  • Primates: Elizabeth Baines (1997)
  • Beetles: Jody Bourton (2002)
  • Insect Display: Richard Matthews (2004)
  • Invertebrate Exhibits: Richard Matthews (2004)
  • Carnivores: James Matthews/Patricia Preston (2004)
  • Introduction to Vertebrates, Fish, Amphibians, Birds, Placental mammals, Colugos, Pangolins, Primates, Shrews, Tenrecs, Tree Shrews, Xenarthrans: Richard Matthews/Patricia Preston (2006)

Financial and Moral Support

The Natural History Collections are grateful to the following for their encouragement and for the financial support for the computing facilities and materials for displays and conservation that made this web-site possible:
  • the Scottish Museums Council;
  • the Manpower Services Commission of the U.K. Government;
  • the General Council, the University of Edinburgh;
  • the Development Trust, University of Edinburgh;
  • the Special Collections Fund, University of Edinburgh;
  • the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the University of Edinburgh;
  • the Computing Services, the University of Edinburgh;
  • the European Union International Consortium on Ticks & Tick-Borne Diseases.


The copyright to all material used in this web-site is held by the University of Edinburgh, except where specified otherwise in the text accompanying certain photographs.

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