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Robert Jameson's Instructions, 1817

In 1972, Jessie M. Sweet M.B.E., B.Sc. wrote a paper on "Instructions to Collectors; John Walker (1793) and Robert Jameson (1817) with Biographical Notes on James Anderson (LL.D.) and James Anderson (M.D.)" which was published in the Annals of Science Volume 29, pages 397-413. This paper draws attention to "Robert Jameson's Instructions to Collectors, 1817" which were printed in the Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany; A New Series of the Scots Magazine Volume 1. August to December 1817, Edinburgh; Printed by George Ramsey and Company for Archibald Constable and Company, Edinburgh; and Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, London. Pages 367-369. These instructions, aimed specifically at persons who might be able to collect specimens for The University of Edinburgh's Museum of Natural History, were as follows:

"Some time ago an application was made to Government, by the University of Edinburgh, for the improvement of its museum of Natural History. For this purpose, it was requested, that instructions might be issued to the different ministers and public servants abroad, recommending that they should avail themselves of every opportunity of collecting specimens, and should transmit them to the University to be added to its museum. A favourable answer to this application having been received from Lord Castlereagh,Professor Jameson drew up the following directions as to the best mode of preserving the various objects of Natural History. We gladly avail ourselves of his obliging permission to insert them, as we are persuaded that, besides answering the object immediately in view, they will be found eminently useful to all who pursue the different branches of this extensive and important science".


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